Interview with Author Martin Clark

  1. Can you tell us a little what your story, "False Footfall," is about?

    It concerns a classic case of cognitive dissonance--the gap between what we know to be true and what the world is telling us. Human memory is perhaps the least reliable medium for historical recall, being subject to all manner of psychological and physiological influences--both internal and external. We all lie, if only to ourselves.

  2. How did you come up with the idea?

    Two separate threads--spying on the past (by means of the chronoscope) and why would anyone want to fake something as elaborate as the Moon landings, given the hellish technical (and security) problems involved. Do we want the unvarnished truth concerning major historical events or an interpretation we're comfortable with?

  3. What is your inspiration for writing as a whole?

    The work of William Gibson, Michael Moorcock, and Philip K. Dick. I enjoy storytelling, even though it can prove to be an exercise in frustration--trying to bridge the gap between the ideas in your head and their realisation on the page.

  4. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

    I'm from Dumfries, in south-west Scotland, but spent my 20s and 30s in Glasgow, Birmingham, London, and Edinburgh before settling back here. After twenty-something years in computing, I now work in local government. I'm married (second time around), which requires me to be an evil step-father.

  5. Where can listeners find more of your work?

    I'm the author of an on-going series of supernatural noir novellas, originally published by Eggplant Literary Productions (now sadly defunct), which have passed into the tender care of Tickety-Boo Press. In addition I've had short stories published in e-magazines like Nebula Rift, Timeless Tales, Kraxon Books, and Mythaxis.

  6. Any new work we should keep an eye out for?

    The re-released Lucas Helath stories should appear sometime during the Summer.

  7. (Just for Juli's curiosity): What are you reading now?

    Back to basics--Only Forward by Michael Marshall Smith.

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