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Lost Worlds, Retraced

Fall 2013

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Third Flatiron presents "Lost Worlds, Retraced," with over a dozen new SF/Fantasy/Horror short stories about lost worlds and parallel universes. If Discovery Channel shows like "Ancient Aliens" or "Man vs. Wild" are among your guilty pleasures, this could be the anthology for you.


Ever wonder what became of those fantastic worlds described by A. Conan Doyle and Edgar Rice Burroughs? Third Flatiron Publishing presents "Lost Worlds, Retraced," a spate of new speculative fiction short stories by an international group of award-winning and emerging writers. Contributors include Maureen Bowden, Ron Collins, Neil Davies, Judith Field, Bruce Golden, Sarah Hodgetts, DeAnna Knippling, Andrew Kozma, Marilyn K. Martin, Will Morton, Konstantine Paradias, Soham Saha, and Jonathan Shipley.

These storytellers retrace the lost paths of an ancient sun-worshipping civilization, a doomed planet, a tribe of persecuted witches and robots, a cartoon world stalked by death, and an abrupt end to fossil fuel use. Meet a spy at the end of the universe, a Sons of Chaos motorcycle chick, a TV survival show host, and, of course, that icy rock we once knew as the planet Pluto.

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